About Us

City Innovators is a collaboration of senior executives from cities around the world to discuss emerging ideas and challenges in innovation in their communities. We do this through our online forum and by attending live events throughout the year at locations across the globe.

Founded by Dr. David Ricketts, Innovation Fellow, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH), and in collaboration with City Possible pioneered by Mastercard, the City Innovators forum seeks to gather leading thinkers and help them accelerate their innovation strategy and programs in their cities.

About Dr. David Ricketts

Dr. David Ricketts is a professor at NC State and a Fellow at Harvard with the Technology and Entrepreneurship Council at Harvard - School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (TECH SEAS), where he also teaches.

Dr. Ricketts is a a corporate leader of R&D, a scientific researcher, and a keynote speaker whose expertise is in Innovation. He has worked with some of the leading innovators and innovative companies all over the world. From colleagues at Harvard trying to cure cancer to students in a dorm room making a better peanut butter jar, Dr. Ricketts play a vital role in researching insights and approaches that these leading innovators use.

A speaker, writer and innovator himself, Dr. Ricketts is passionate about helping organizations accelerate innovation in both their processes and their people.

The City Innovators Forum

As part of his work with TECH SEAS, Dr. Ricketts developed the City Innovators Forum as a place to bring city leaders from around the world together to collaborate and accelerate innovation in their respective cities. Currently, the forum houses hundred of city leaders passionate about technology and innovation from around the world.

As a membership website, the City Innovators Forum offers city leaders and members exclusive access to useful content, city resources, and an online forum where smart collaboration and discussions take place. The website also provide updates on any upcoming Smart City Innovation Accelerator events hosted by Harvard TECH.

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