Smart Cities CIO Summit – Harvard 2020

January 2020

Cambridge, MA | Harvard University

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Smart Cities CIO Summit – Harvard 2020

About The Event

harvard tech smart cities cio summit

The Smart Cities CIO Summit is an invitation-only program for senior-most executives in the public sector, technology, start-up communities, and higher education. This event will be held in Boston, MA on the grounds of Harvard University on January 13 & 14, 2020.

The Smart Cities Innovation Accelerators are co-developed by the Fellows from the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard along with city leaders and industry expert partners. During the event, you can expect to engage in informative case studies, peer-to-peer problem-solving sessions, hands-on and topical workshops & exercises designed to help you evaluate your current state and develop a plan to make your community an innovation leader for the future.

Our annual CIO/Smart City Leader summit brings together the top leaders in cities across the globe to discuss the key issues, ideas, and opportunities for 2020. Building on our work from 2019, we will be covering four main topic areas at our summit:

  • Cybersecurity – every week another city is breached and data lost, ransomed or stolen. Every city has taken a different approach, from paying the ransom in a business compromise between policy, practicality, and cost, to holding out and eventually paying millions of dollars to rebuild the data and infrastructure that was compromised. As a community, we must find a solution. In this session, we will hear from city leaders on their top of mind concerns and ideas for solutions as well as industry partners seeking to create solutions that best solve this continuing problem.
  • Mobility – Our mass transit systems are undergoing a transformation from old tickets and paper to new forms of fare collection and data collection. This transformation is being rapidly adopted for the regional and large transit authorities but is not connecting to the last mile or the micro-mobility solutions our citizens need. In this session, we will focus on the intersection of the needs and goals of mass to micro-mobility and the current needs of cities. We will focus on separating out the near term needs and the far-term opportunities and craft a framework for how we can bridge the innovation divide between mass transit into our cities and our individual citizen needs.
  • Scaling – A continuing theme is how to move beyond the pilot stage. Is it a technology barrier? A financial barrier? A policy barrier?  We will hear from several cities who are pushing hard through the pilot to scale and what they are finding works and what doesn’t.  In addition, new business models for supporting scaling, including emerging forms of public-private-partnerships. Do they work and are they a good idea?
  • 5G: Best of the Best from Dublin 2019 – In October 2019, we took a deep dive with global cities on 5G and what it means for cities. Dr. Ricketts will summarize the key ideas and learning from that event in a fast and fun-packed talk on what 5G is and why it matters for cities.
  • State-of-innovation – While we continue to focus on the core programs of our cities, we need to be open to the emerging areas of new opportunities and solutions. We will hear from a number of global cities on what are the emerging areas of interest and opportunities. This will include case examples and panels on what are the new ideas that perhaps you and your team haven’t seen or heard of yet.

Acceptance to the Accelerator is based on the proposed team and a nomination letter by the senior-elected official for that city.

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