5G CityView Innovation Accelerator – Dublin 2019

October 2019

Dublin, Ireland

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5G CityView Innovation Accelerator – Dublin 2019

About The Event

 5G is truly upon us and rolling out this year in many areas of the globe. The technology is constantly evolving as are the policies and impact on governments and citizens. At this Accelerator, convened by the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard and hosted by Dublin City Council, heard from global experts on 5G, including leading academics, industry experts and cities like your own, who have or will be rolling out 5G pilots and platforms.

The Smart Cities Innovation Accelerators are co-developed by the Fellows from the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard along with city leaders and industry expert partners. During the event, attendees engaged in informative case studies, peer-to-peer problem-solving sessions, hands-on and topical workshops & exercises designed to help you evaluate your current state and develop a plan to make your community an innovation leader for the future.

Presentations from the event included:

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Luiz Da Silva
David Graham
Dr. David S. Ricketts
Julie Snell
Dolan Beckel
Burcu Kuzlak
Markku Niemi
Linda Doyle
Paul Senior
Alanus von Radecki
Catherine Hill
Michael Guerin
Anne McLister
Tim Devine

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