Smart Cities Innovation Accelerator At Harvard | Boston

May 2019

Cambridge, MA | Harvard University

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Smart Cities Innovation Accelerator At Harvard | Boston

About The Event

Technology has been the driving force of global economies  – but what about cities? Cities have to develop efficient operational models to provide services and infrastructure for their citizens; however, most services and infrastructure are built on a mixture of technologies that can span decades. Moreover, the rate at which cities have adopted new technologies has been historically slow, frequently with investments that are far out of balance with other important community needs.

Elected leaders are increasingly being asked about technology in the community such as residential broadband, how to welcome driverless cars, and how to embrace citizen-empowering health technologies. Citizens have come to expect rapid development and adoption of technology in their daily lives and in their businesses; they don’t wish to see lines drawn between the enterprise and the community. For residents and visitors, the expectation is for the city to meet ever-escalating demands. How do cities innovate and leverage technology not only to provide the services citizens need but also to build a model that supports the rapid growth required to attract and sustain highly successful inhabitants?

The Smart Cities Innovation Accelerator programs help city strategic urban planners, chief innovation officers, technology officers, and economic development leaders establish strategies and an actionable digital plan for their city. The 2-day program (Monday-Tuesday) is a hands-on, immersion accelerator for your city’s future where you will work alongside fellow city leaders, industry experts, Harvard Fellows, and researchers.  Each day will focus on a specific level of your strategic plan.

The Smart Cities Innovation Accelerators are co-developed by the Fellows from the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard along with city leaders and industry expert partners. During the event, you can expect to engage in informative case studies, peer-to-peer problem-solving sessions, hands-on and topical workshops & exercises designed to help you evaluate your current state and develop a plan to make your community an innovation leader for the future.

The Smart Cities Innovation Accelerator is an invitation-only program for senior-most executives in the public sector, technology, start-up communities, and higher education. This event will be held in Boston, MA on the grounds of Harvard University in May 2019. Acceptance to the Accelerator is based on the proposed team and a nomination letter by the senior-elected official for that city.

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