Public Sector Executive Summit:
The Future City

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

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The Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH) is pleased to host the Public Sector Executive Summit in Cambridge, MA on August 14-16th, 2022 on the campus of Harvard University.  This invitation-only convening will bring together non-elected chief executives from the public sector like the City Manager, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, or the equivalent.

The Harvard TECH civic innovation program has helped inspire and educate hundreds of public, private, and non-profit leaders. The flagship Innovation Accelerator program has brought together leaders from around the world. This year, Harvard TECH is launching an invite-only, two-day strategic convening for public sector executives focused on shared learning to tackle the toughest problems facing communities. You can learn more about our Accelerators here and the center’s civic innovation program here. Each gathering is purpose-built with an agenda tailored to the attendees and their priorities.

As we move into a new chapter in the history of humanity, we reflect on the amazing accomplishments, innovation, and sheer resilience of our communities and their residents. The Future summit will celebrate the accomplishments of our communities over the past several years but also will look forward to what our communities will be five, 10, and 50 years into the future. At this bespoke convening of public sector executives, we aim to share learning about what has transformed our cities and how we can use what has been learned to drive change for good.

During the event, you will engage in informative case studies, peer-to-peer problem-solving sessions, and topical workshops.  We will be bringing in industry and academic experts and will continue to leverage best practices from our work at Harvard, working together to understand and solve key problems. This convening is designed with you in mind, providing plenty of time for interaction with your colleagues from around the country, and the chance to be authentic about the challenges and opportunities facing our communities.

We expect top public sector executives from 20-40 communities to attend the event. Our goal is to include the next generation of public sector leaders as part of our collaboration with you to engage and mentor talented city leadership. To nominate a young leader to join with you, please fill in the appropriate field on the registration form.

The cost of this invitation-only event, including meals, is covered by the organizers. Travel and accommodations are at the participant’s expense. For cities that cannot participate without travel support, there may be the opportunity for partial travel scholarships.

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