This intense Innovation Masterclass covers the essentials of the innovation course taught by Dr. Ricketts at Harvard University. Tailored to management teams and innovators at all levels who are looking to understand innovation and learn specific tools to grow innovation in their organizations and careers.

In this interactive Innovation Masterclass, you will engage with your peers on understanding how innovation arises and how to harness your skills and creativity to accelerate innovation in both your organization and your career. You will learn a strategic framework for innovation and how innovation can occur and scale in your organization. In particular, the role of insight, creativity and value opportunities will be discussed, as well as specific innovation and creativity tools. Attendees should be prepared to have fun and change the way you think!


This executive style Masterclass is taught in your city in two formats:

All day for large groups (35 - 70)

  • Includes all four modules

Two sessions (one day)

  • Executive: Strategy and Frameworks (2 hours)
  • Innovation staff: Tools and Concepts for Innovation (4 hours)
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What You'll Learn in the Civic Innovation Masterclass

Module 1: Disruptive Innovation

  • How and why industries and cities are disrupted.
  • How can you find and develop disruptive ideas and innovations.
  • How successful companies have pivoted to disrupt and outperform their competition.

Module 2: Developing creative ideas and people in your organization

  • Learn what blocks us from being more creative and how we can overcome them.
  • Team and individual creativity - how to develop and sustain it.
  • How can your team learn to be more creative and develop truly disruptive ideas.
  • Frameworks for creativity and tools for systemic idea generation.

Module 3: How to create innovative product ideas and value for your citizens

  • How to uncover hidden value in your market.
  • Creating products and services that amaze and surpass your citizens expectations.
  • Frameworks for idea development through prototyping.

Module 4: Design thinking for you and your organization

  • Learn how to dig deep into citizen's needs.
  • Learn how to collaborate and create value through new insights into citizens needs.
liz matthews

"Professor Rickets is a vivid and powerful storyteller who delivers a level of professionalism and preparedness unlike any other. His unique ability to inspire a room moves audiences to listen, learn, engage and act."

Liz Matthews, Executive Director, Dell

David Graham

"Dr. Ricketts innovation sessions are exponentially better than any other I have attended."

David Graham, City of Carlsbad

owen keegan

"It takes something very special to engage, motivate and enthuse every member of the Senior Management Group in Dublin City Council. David Ricketts' Executive Innovation Course did that and a lot more!"

Owen Keegan, CEO of the City of Dublin


Dr. David S. Ricketts

Dr. David S. Ricketts has taught innovation at Harvard University for the past decade in the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center (TECH), in the School of Engineering an Science.

He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University and has held appointments at Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, MIT and North Carolina State University.

Prior to moving to academia, Dr. Ricketts was a leader of R&D for several high-tech companies in consumer electronics and semiconductors.

Dr. Ricketts shares his 20 years of corporate and academic research, lessons and insight in his executive masterclasses.

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