Smart Buildings (Part 2): When Connectivity and Energy-Efficiency Collide OG

Smart Buildings (Part 2): When Connectivity and Energy Efficiency Collide

Smart Buildings represent a new outlook on how architecture can benefit the environment as well as the citizens living or […]

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smart buildings - creating sustainable buildings

Smart Buildings (Part 1): Creating Sustainability in the Urban Jungle

Global cities are evolving to become smarter and more sustainable, giving rise to the adoption of smart buildings. In this, […]

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maas - mobility as a service

MaaS in Action: Why Cities are Pushing Mobility-as-a-Service

Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) represents shifting views on how city leaders can cure the epidemic of pollution and traffic congestion. Together with […]

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smart city strategy - barcelona and Helsinki

Barcelona and Helsinki Take Different Approaches to Develop Successful Smart City Strategies

Speaking with dozens of global city leaders, common smart city themes for 2020 have already begun to emerge: Data, Citizen […]

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5G and Smart Cities: What City Leaders Really Need to Know

As city leaders get bombarded with 5G topics and all the corresponding buzzwords, they may find it overwhelming, confusing, motivating, […]

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transit fare collection - transit innovation workshop

Transit Fare Collection in a Fast-Changing World

Insights from the 2019 Transit Innovation Workshop In October, The Transit Innovation Workshop brought together nearly 30 leaders in transit […]

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