2020 City Innovation and Innovator Awards



The Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard is pleased to announce a call for nominations for the 3rd Annual City Innovation and Innovator Awards.

This year awards will be given to the city and/or city partner who best represents transformative innovation in the following areas:

  • Innovation in the 2020 Pandemic

  • Technology Innovation and Integration into City Platform

  • Innovation in Citizen Engagement

In addition, we are pleased to announce a City Innovator of the Year award given to an individual who exemplifies the innovator's mindset and has accomplished transformative innovation in their organization. Nominations by people other than the nominee will receive more weight, so please nominate those around you!

Awards will be presented at the annual Harvard City Innovation Accelerator in January 2021. Award winners will need to be present during the event to win. It is anticipated that awards will be given for geographic regions: the Americas, Europe, and Asia/Australia.

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